Maud is all about making your own way in the world.   Art can be so much more than something done in one's free time.  An artist is something that you are. It is something you live. In our search to make this happen, we discovered a woman whose story challenged the way we view work.
Enter Maud Stevens Wagner. 
Maud was the first female tattoo artist in the world--ever. When world renowned tattoo artist Gus Wagner asked her on a date, she accepted with the stipulation that he teach her to tattoo. Thus began a very unconventional love story, and an even more unconventional career for a woman in the midst of the late 1800s. She and Gus traveled with the circus and lived in Vaudeville housing. Maud tattooed and displayed her tattoos across the country for the rest of her life. They lived outside the norm and they didn't go hungry. 
Art was her life. Art was her livelihood. 
That legacy settled it for us. At Maud, creating things is all that we do. We exist in order to bring anyone's dream to life. By connecting hair artists, makeup artists, photographers, models, graphic designers etc, we hope to cultivate a community of talent with which to create. We strive to unite the proper talent with every project. If you're an author, business owner, filmmaker, or anyone that just wants to bring their visions to life, Maud can make it happen. 



“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

— S Berger