Kristina Lowe Co-Owner/Maud Artist

Hailing from a quaint southern town in North Carolina, Kristina traveled across the USA to settle in Spokane. She started her journey in the beauty industry providing freelance makeup services for contestants in the Miss America, and Miss USA organizations on the local, and state level. Due to the long Bridal Season, soon this too was added to her list of expertise. Seeing an opportunity to advance a skill she had grown to love, Kristina began seeking out industry workshops, and trade shows. 

After moving to the West Coast, Kristina dipped her toes into retail beauty. The experience solidified her love of beauty, and opened opportunities to learn directly from top makeup artists in the industry she looked up to. Kristina spent time as a Pro Artist for several nationally recognized brands, before forming Maud with her talented Friend, and Colleague Courtney Volstad.

Kristina is a local, and nationally published makeup artist with credit in commercial, as well as, film projects. She is trained in Airbrush Makeup, Fashion/Runway, and Tv/Film. 











Courtney Volstad Co-Owner/Maud Artist 

Courtney's makeup journey started at the age of two in Den Hague, Holland. Using her mother as a canvas, she began exploring the contours of the human face as her youthful art project. When she moved back to the USA, she continued exploring her love of the arts through painting. This time allowed her to explore her love of color theory and texture. When she was finally allowed to wear makeup herself, she was only allowed to wear what was "natural". Being a slightly punk-obsessed teen, she cultivated her skills of camouflage by learning to make makeup nearly undetectable. One Homecoming season, she rediscovered her love for creating makeup looks on other people. During this time she was also able to explore more dramatic looks by doing makeup for competitive cheerleading. 

Courtney's next big move was to Cairo, Egypt where she did prom and theatre makeup. This allowed her to explore the beauty of angles, light, and the creation of characters. After being in Spokane since 2011, she has freelanced independently, explored beauty in the retail world, and has been trained by one of the world's leading brands. 

Courtney is a local, and nationally published makeup artist in both print, and digital publications. Her experience includes:

Editorial/Fashion Shoots

Hair shows

Fashion, and Runway